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Critical Illness

Focus On Your Recovery, Not Your Finances

Critical illness insurance helps you pay for expenses that can occur when you experience a serious illness.


It’s a benefit payout you receive if you ever experience a serious illness like cancer or a stroke.

Who is critical illness insurance for?

Critical illness insurance is a good option for anyone who wants additional financial protection that can help them preserve savings or minimize debt in the event of a serious health condition.

What does critical illness insurance cover?

Critical illnesses include stroke, heart attacks, Parkinson’s disease, cancer, and more. If you happen to get diagnosed with one of these illnesses (or other covered illnesses, the plans can pay you a lump sum.

Why should I consider critical illness insurance?

It's an affordable way to supplement and pay for the additional expenses that can come with serious illness.

The money you receive from your critical illness insurance can be used however you want, covering anything - medical bills to monthly rent.

You choose how to spend your money

Plan Summary

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