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About Us

More than 25 years ago, the Coors Brewing Company created…

Knowledge Exchange Groups, or “KEGs”

bringing together like-minded, forward-thinking beer distributors to share best practices, go-to-market strategies, and value-added ideas. The members of “KEG 1” made up the first of these

Knowledge Exchange Groups.


In 2005, the idea surfaced to continue KEG 1 beyond

the initial purpose of sharing best practices.

With approximately 500 years of combined industry experience, members of the KEG joined together to bring a competitive advantage to an ever increasingly challenged industry through KEG 1, LLC.

Currently, KEG 1 partners collectively sell over

120mm cases of beer, wine and spirits!


Who We Are

With willful determination to achieve excellence, KEG 1, LLC strives to be the leader in delivering both quality products and exceptional service to every customer. Our vision is a sales organization with internal accountability for operating within our philosophies of competitiveness, best practices, strong community involvement and career establishment for our employees.


KEG 1, LLC implements best practices to continually enhance and drive our desire to become the model distributorship suppliers, employees and retailers enjoy partnering with.


  • Live by the tenets of honesty and integrity

  • Build a sustainable company that is renowned for taking care of its people, its suppliers, and its customers

  • Entrench ourselves in the communities we service to continually improve the quality of life in the work environment through family-oriented values

  • Encourage competition, drive motivation, and foster inspiration to achieve a high level of dedication in each and every employee

  • Maintain a customer-focused approach while continuously adding value to our suppliers


We achieve a broader, overarching culture that allows each individual business unit to focus on Employee Development, Growth, and Advancement that preserves their unique cultures.


Make KEG 1 A Great Place To Work
Give The Customer Something Better

Distributor of Choice

In order to be THE DISTRIBUTOR OF CHOICE, we must:

  • Deploy "Best-in-Class" teams and talent up against the distinct portfolios, customers and demographics in each market we serve in an effort to deliver a consistent track record of desired results in collaboration with our supplier partners.

  • Develop an Organizational Structure which better serves the needs of our customers and suppliers.

  • Invest In Our Business to continuously add value to our suppliers and customers by relentlessly driving innovation and improvement in our capabilities.

  • Maintain and build the financial capability and organizational experience to identify and consummate transactions that are Creatively Structured.

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