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Helping You Cover Expenses After An Accident

Unexpected accidents happen every day, and people can get hurt. But every person deserves a smoother path back to normal so they can return to living their lives to the fullest.


If a covered accident happens to you, this coverage can help protect your finances by paying a lump-sum benefit payment. You can use the benefit payment for anything from out-of-pocket medical expenses, to extra help around the house, transportation, or anything else you need.

Accidents happen. Accident insurance helps them hurt a little less

Who is accident insurance for?

It’s for people who want help with extra expenses when an accident happens to themselves or a covered family member. The benefits can help you focus on recovering from injury instead of worrying about finances.

What does accident insurance cover?

Accident insurance provides benefits if you suffer a covered accidental injury like a severe burn, broken bone, or have to visit an emergency room. It will also cover the diagnostic testing needed to determine if your bone is broken — like for an x-ray. The lump-sum payment goes directly to you, not the hospital or medical provider.

Why should I consider accident insurance?

It can be a great complement to your medical coverage that helps pay for expenses that can happen with an unexpected accident, including x-rays, ambulance services, and deductibles. You can even use it for non-medical expenses like rent or groceries.

What Is Accident Insurance?
It’s a type of supplemental health insurance that provides financial protection in the event of an accident. It is designed to help cover unexpected medical expenses and other costs that can come about as a result of the accident, such as out-of-pocket costs, transportation services, and so on. A supplemental accident insurance plan will typically provide coverage for a wide range of accidents, including those that occur on the job, at home, or while participating in sports or other recreational activities (although it's important to note that actual benefits vary by insurance company and specific plan). Benefits are paid directly to the policyholder — not the medical provider — and amounts vary depending on the nature of the accident and the specific terms and conditions of the policy. It's important to note that like other supplemental insurance plans, accident insurance is not a substitute for regular health insurance coverage, nor can it take the place of short-term health insurance while traveling abroad.

Plan Summary

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